Hacked ATM Cards Withdraw Unlimited Money, 15 Days Money Back Guarantee


If you’re looking for a handsome method of making money, if you’re tired from all those scammers, how to hack a bank account things and software. If you’re interested in hacking ATM, get free cash from ATM then you’re absolutely on right place. Reading this whole article will took only 5 minutes but it can be a turning point of your life!

This site is offering Stored Value Programmed Gift Cards by whom you can withdraw $3000 every week without any risk for whole year. Our own created ATM cards are untraceable and you can withdraw money just like a normal card. We don’t need your credit card information or bank details. We’re using this card’s technology since 2009 and till now it gave me 100% positive results. Every card is perfectly coded and ready to use anywhere in this world. They are safe, secure and fast result giving.

around $1 billion worth of gift cards lost,expire or misplaced every year.

Hacking ATM And How I Got Free Money From ATM.

I was born in poverty my parents tried their best to provide me higher education and after completing college finally got job in Visa Inc and worked there for 10 years, during this period I was always eager to learn about gift cards because those were the safest thing to use. Therefore, I made some friends in stores and they started to provide me expired gift cards that were unused but still balance in it. I renew them and use online for minor purchases as a result I become more eager so quit my job to give it full time.

Selling Gift Cards Online

After some financial freedom I purchased card punching and writing machines and started combining those expired cards coding into RFID chip inside stored value ATM cards to withdraw real cash from ATM. As some success started coming store employees began to sell me more visa, master cards coding and I got an idea to team up with some friends and sell low balance cards online. First we done all this via an blog and as business grown we became partner with a well known escrow service. Which offers 15 days money back guarantee to our customers plus $10,000 if card won’t work. So it’s a win win situation for our customers.

You would be wondering why we are sharing and selling such product online? The only problem is we got massive massive bundles of gift cards coding through our contacts and we can’t use all these cards that’s why we are selling them. As you can see in above pic every year $1 billion worth of gift cards lost to fees and expiration date. We just get these expired card’s coding renew them legally, combine them in $3000 every week bundle for whole upcoming next year and sell them. While bundles which got more then $3000/week balance we keep them for own use.

atm blank card

What’s This Gift Card?

Programmed gift card is a payment card with a monetary value stored on it, not in an external account maintained by any bank. These cards are different from debit and credit cards because through debut card you can only withdraw money that’s already in your bank account while in credit card you can spend amount that’s credited by bank. Debit and credit cards are also issued in the name of individual account holder but in stored value (gift) card no back door bank account or account holder name is required, completely anonymous and amount use to store on it’s magnetic strip and RFID chip like gift card.

How it Works?

When customer insert the card into ATM, chip start working. Visa and Master card accepting ATM will recognize it as a gift card. Chip get command from ATM and execute data packets from all tracks accordingly. It transfers gift cards coding to magnetic strip and customer can withdraw any amount from $500 to-3000 and hit enter to complete the transaction. As soon as enter is pressed chip reset the coding again to default setting by resisting value writing command of ATM.

Our Cards Printing And Embedding Machine















Additional Security Features

  • No Stolen Data Used
  • No Skimmed Data
  • Coded RFID Chip Inside
  • Double Security Layer Installed
  • All Cards Are Fresh
  • Safe Funds Transfer System 

100% Untraceable And Risk Free

Feel Free To Use It In Any Corner Of The World




Because the security layer embedded on 3rd track these cards are absolutely safe to use. It’s not scam as you can see proofs and I’m also offering half cash before delivery and half after second withdrawal through an escrow site with 15 days refund policy.

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Two types of coded gift cards are available

Pro Cards

  • Withdraw $3000/week from any master,visa card accepting ATMs.
  • Shop online at Amazon, eBay and BestBuy.
  • Fast checkout procedure. (under 2 minutes)
  • Double security layers on track 3.
  • Price $250 (half price)
  • Pay half price after 5th withdrawal.
  • Payments through Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Perfect Money, WebMoney and Skrill.

(Please note that I’m using 3rd party escrow for all  services. Payments are guarded by customers protection policy and refund is available until 15 days of card use.)

Trail Cards

  • Withdraw $100 just once.
  • Expire after first withdrawal.
  • Doesn’t support online shopping.
  • Payment process time 3-5 minutes.
  • Shipping cost before delivery
  • Payments through Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Perfect Money, Webmoney and Skrill.

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I’ll give $10,000 if my card will not work.

How To Use

You can collect money from ATM in this world where visa cards are accepted with just some simple steps,

  1. Insert card in ATM machine
  2. Enter or select $400 amount from menu please note that cards actual limit is $428 but you’ll be able to withdraw $400 rest is for fee deduction (according fee laws)
  3. Punch pin code (pin is included in parcel which you’ll receive)
  4. Pick up cash
  5. Card will automatically restore the default coding again within 30 seconds so wait for it
  6. After 30 second ATM will eject the card


Why I’m Selling Cards
So the first question in your mind would be why I’m selling cards while I can make huge amount by using them. Well… First clear this from your mind that I’m not using them Yes of course I’m making good digits by using it. Basically there are some solid reasons for what I’m selling,

  • To make extra cash (using one card for my own I can withdraw only $400/day while selling 10 cards I’m making $5000/day and I can’t use 10 cards due to security reasons)
  • I got massive data of visa unused gift cards and it’s impossible to use all data by own in a single year within it’s expiry date.
  • I’ve no security or secret leaking issues (by others) so I can easily make profit by selling cards
  • I’m not scared to be exposed because these cards work through legitimate way.
  • Binary coding is easiest way for me and it’s easy to decode and write unused gift cards.
  • I hate banks.

Why You Should Trust?

  • All payments & orders are guarded by 3rd party government licensed escrow service.
  • Verified seller at escrow.com special edition. (Seller I’d3897028)
  • More than 13000 cards sold, 100% positive feedback, 0 complaints. (Check Status)
  • 30 days refund guarantee by escrow for undelivered, damaged or non working card.
  • Escrow will not release money to me until customer satisfaction.
  • I am not offering a get rich quick program.
  • If you have proper knowledge than I can help you to make your own card.
  • Plenty of customers testimonial. (view it in comments section below)
  • In my first reply I’ll send you real card’s pictures.
  • I can send you cards live pictures with your name written aside.
  • On certain conditions I can send you a free card.
  • Legitimate technology.
  • I don’t charge total price in advance. (So you may check the card and send the rest when you’ll be fully satisfied.)
  • After your card shipped I’ll send you parcel’s tracking number along with airway bill’s scan copy to testify that card is really shipped.
  • I’m not from Nigeria. The parcel that you’ll get will be shipped from USA.
  • There’ll be my complete address along with my phone number at the back side of parcel.
  • These are not blank ATM cards about scammers claim it can withdraw $50000 per day.
  • After my first reply I’ll never contact you back with different offers or email addresses if you won’t be interested than.
  • Selling cards from past 7 years at deep dark web.


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***In Black Market Only I Have This Technology ***

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